Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are you like Martha or Mary?

Have you ever thought about this question before…

...are you like Martha or Mary?

Martha was busy getting ready and doing many preparations for Jesus' visit. Even when He got there, she was still busy. She was too busy to sit down and visit with Jesus.

On the other hand, Mary was just the opposite. She did not care to be involved in all of the preparations. She wanted to sit down at Jesus' feet and spend time with Him. She just wanted to be in His presence.

Which of these two women are you most like?  Are you like Martha?  Are you busy being busy?  Are you like Mary?  Do you take the time for others?  Most importantly, do you take the time for Jesus?

You may think or say...Oh, of course, I am like Mary! I spend time with Jesus! I want to be with Him!

How much of that is true though? Do you make the time to spend it with Him? Do you set time aside each day just for Him? Do you spend time in His presence?  Do you read the Bible…God’s word? Do you spend time in prayer?

Our Father God knows our heart! In fact, He looks at our heart while man looks at our outward appearance. (1 Samuel 16:7)

In addition, according to God's word, our mouths speak from the overflow of our hearts! (Luke 6:45) Our actions follow our hearts’ desire!

When you love another person, you want to spend time with that person. You specifically set aside time for that special person. You look forward to the time when you can get together. You make it a priority, because it is important to you and the other person.

The same is true of Jesus. When we love Him, we want to spend time with Him. We make it a priority to be in His presence. The special time alone with Jesus is precious.

Jesus told Martha, "Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." (Luke 10:42)

Our Father God does not want us to compare ourselves to other people. However, by just looking at these two women in the Bible, it does show some of the characteristics He desires of His daughters. Therefore, do not try to be like someone else, but do strive to take on the traits of Godly women...women who are spending more time with Him and becoming who He desires for us. Afterall, He only wants the best for us! We should also want the best for ourselves! By spending more time in His presence, we will become the best for Him and for us!

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