Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Run, Children, Run!

The video clip that you just viewed is from 1994's movie "Forest Gump" where Tom Hanks portrayed the main character. After being hit in the head, Forest's friend, Jenny, tells him to 'Run, Forest, Run!' Then, young Forest begins to run away from the boys who are causing the trouble for him.

Hopefully, it does not take being hit in the head or other people causing trouble for us to run away from either the people or the problem though. This part of the movie reminds me of a part in God's word which says, "Run from sexual immorality!" (1 Cor 6:18a, HCSB) There have been previous times in my own life when I have either observed others or experienced this kind of trouble myself.

Now, I just want say to others who may be in this kind of trouble...Run, _____________, Run!

Whoever is currently in this type of situation, know that God can and will help you out of it. You must do your part by choosing to obey His word...His truth. Once you know the truth..."the truth will set you free." (John 8:32b, NIV) Do not stay and try to fight the sin of sexual immorality! It will not work for you. The more you try to fight in your own way and in your own strength, the deeper you will be in this particular sin. There is only one way to get out of this type of situation. "Flee from sexual immorality." (1 Cor 6:18a, NIV)

As in the movie "Forest Gump"...Run, (insert name), Run!

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