Friday, March 22, 2013

He's Got Your Back

What kind of trial, hardship, difficulty, or temporary circumstance are you enduring in this season of your life?

(Please preview video beginning at :34.)

You just previewed the accident scene from the 2009 movie, The Blind Side. Michael stopped the air bag from crushing little SJ in the front seat of his new truck. He protected young SJ. He took care of the little boy.

The same is true of our Father God. Whatever you may be enduring at this time, you can be assured that God has got you. He's got your back!

(Please preview video beginning at 1:50.)

In this scene, Coach Cotton stood up for his football player, Michael Oher, who had just been kicked by a player on the other team.  In turn, Michael told the Coach that he had his back.  Michael was determined to take a stand against "the bad guy" or the abusive player from the other team.  He took care of the so-called bad guy for the Coach.  He protected his teammates.  He had their backs.  

The same is also true of our Father. Just like the Coach in this scene saw the harmful situation that Michael was in at the time with the other side's player, God sees when someone is kicking us....when someone is not treating us right. He sees and knows every situation in our lives. Just like when Michael took care of that boy who was picking on him, our Father will take care of any person who tries to come up against us, His children. He will take a stand against the injustice. He will vindicate us! He will fight for us! He will protect us! He will have our backs!

(Please preview video beginning at 1:30 and watch until 2:40.)

Leigh Anne, the character played by Sandra Bullock, had a talk with Michael.  She reminded him that he had her back when the two of them had previously been in a bad neighborhood another time.  Leigh Anne also reminded him how he had previously stopped the airbag from hitting her young son, SJ.  Michael asked her about the rest of the family, her daughter Collins, and her husband Sean.  In this scene, she told Michael that they could also be a part of this demonstration of hers.  She knew that Michael would stop anyone who tried to hurt the family.  He would protect them.  He would have their backs.  Leigh Anne told Michael to think of his teammates in the same way as he does her family. 

Do you need to be reminded of God's protection? His goodness? His faithfulness? Think about all of your previous experiences when God came through for you. Remember all the times when God showed Himself true, good, and faithful to you.  Most importantly, know right now that He's got your back!

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