Sunday, March 30, 2014

Resurrecting Jesus

Resurrecting Jesus?!?!  You may think or say, "What do you mean by those two words?"  Individually, they are good words.  They are also powerful words by themselves.  But, together they can take on a whole new meaning.

What I mean by those two words is this...

There are people within the body of Christ who try to resurrect Jesus before He is ready to be resurrected in the lives of others or, perhaps, even in their own lives.  They try to force Jesus to be resurrected too early, because it is just uncomfortable for them.  They don't like being in a temporary situation which, to them, seems unnecessary.  They choose to circumvent the process and choose to jump out of them way too soon before God has provided His way out for them.  They 'make things happen' in their own way in their own strength in their own timing.

However, those temporary circumstances are necessary.  They are necessary in order to mature members of the body of Christ.  (James 1:2-4)  They help develop our faith in Jesus Christ.  (1 Peter 1:6-7)  Most of all, those temporary situations whether hardships or trials are used in believers' lives to make them more Christ-like.  (Romans 8:29

Even Jesus, over 2000 years ago, had to go through some suffering before He was resurrected by the Almighty power of God.  So, what makes believers today think that they are any different or any better than Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Once God the Father raised His Son, Jesus, from the dead; it was the Father who was glorified through the Son. 

The same is true of all believers today.  Once we have suffered, it is God the Father who resurrects us from those temporary circumstances.  (1 Peter 5:10)  Most importantly, it is God the Father who is glorified through us, His children.  (Romans 8:18

Therefore, when your flesh wants to try to resurrect Jesus too soon, resist the urge and wait on Almighty God to resurrect you from your hardship or trial.  Then, everyone will know that it was God the Father who did it.  It will be Him who will receive all the credit.  (2 Corinthians 10:17)  It will be Him who receives all the honor, glory, and praise.

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