Monday, February 29, 2016

Running for Daddy

Many years ago now while growing up in West Tennessee, there were a few boys who were throwing rocks on top of a big pile of gravel rocks near a new home construction site.  My sister and I were both in elementary school back then.  At the time, we were also both there with the young boys.  I am currently not sure of the reason.  However, one of the boys was a neighborhood kid that we both knew and played with sometimes.  Anyway, my younger sister got hit in the mouth with one of the gravel rocks by the boy we both knew then.  

           While my sister stood there crying on top of the big rock pile, I ran down the road about a block away to get my Daddy who was at home.  We both went back to the new construction site where some of the kids were still playing there including the neighborhood boy.  I had already told my Daddy that my sister was hurt.  I then pointed to the little boy who had thrown a gravel rock and hit my younger sister with it.  She was still crying and one of her lips was bleeding from the injury.  I remember my Daddy scolding the boy about the incident.  He was upset that someone had hurt his child.   Afterwards, all three of us headed back home together to nurture and care for my sister.    
When we or others we love are hurt by other people, we can run for our Daddy.  We can run to our Father.  He will console and comfort us.  He will discipline or chastise the people for us if they are His children (See Hebrews 12:4-11).  We do not have to do it ourselves.  He will nurture and care for us.  We can trust that He loves us.  He will take care of the situation for us.  We can rest in His love for us.  He is for us!  Therefore, who dare be against us (See Romans 8:31-39)?!?!  

Copyright 2016 by Dawn Freeman. All rights reserved.

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