Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Life of Legacy

International minister, evangelist, apologist --- Ravi Zacharias --- touched so many people and their lives including me and my life.  He passed away last month after a brief battle with a form of cancer.  He was just 74 years old.

I took one of his Apologetics' courses in a church while in Tennessee several years ago.  Ravi shared about faith and other topics through videos.  There were other people who were interviewed in the videos.  People from other church denominations such as a woman who attended and believed in universalism.  Just a couple of years ago, I personally saw and heard Ravi speak and preach at a church here in Greensboro, North Carolina.  He didn't stay long afterwards.  He said he had been on the road for awhile and wanted to get back to his wife.  I am grateful for those two separate experiences in my life.  

Billy Graham was an international minister and evangelist who traveled and preached all over the world.  Growing up, I watched him on television at a crusade on occasion.  I also remember personally going to, at least, two of his crusades.  One when I was growing up with my immediate family in the south.  Another time when I took my paternal grandmother to go see him towards the end of his crusade ministry.  Additionally, I remember watching an interview of him near the end of his life.  The interviewer asked him a question about his global ministry.  He answered with he was always praying even right then while talking with the man who interviewed him.  Mr. Graham lived nearly one hundred years and passed away only a couple of years ago.

When I was in seminary a few years ago, part of the program included a theological course.  R.C. Sproul, an American Theologian, was only one person in a video in that specific on-line course.  However, he was good writing out notes on the chalkboard.  He and his biblical teaching made quite an impression on me at the time.  He passed away just in the last few years at the age of 78.

What do all three of these older men have in common?  Besides being gone now...?  They all made a mark in this world.  Perhaps, they positively affected you and your life.  I know they all had a portion to play in my own faith journey.  They all made a difference in my life.  

They all lived a life where they left a legacy.  Just watch and listen to this song, Legacy...


                                                                       Source:  YouTube

I want to leave a legacy.  How about you?

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