Friday, May 20, 2011

Becoming an unLazy Christian

What makes me a little lazy Christian? What is my main pitfall now? What are hindrances and/or distractions for me in my faith walk? How am I working on becoming an unLazy Christian?

I have become a little lazy Christian in some of my disciplines. However, I also think some of it is due to my current temporary circumstances and living situation. Not an excuse! Just a little reason. In part, anyway.

By 'disciplines', I mean spending time in the Bible reading God's word and praying to God. I previously had more time to spend alone really reading and studying my Father's word as well as praying to Him. I would spend so much time alone with Him in my own bedroom meditating on His word to me. During that time, I also received so much revelation from Him.

As of now, I am staying temporarily with three other ladies in a dorm-like room. Unfortunately, I do not have as much alone time with Him. There seems to be much more hindrances and distractions for me at this time.

I now have to squeeze in the time between the little hindrances and distractions. I have to purposefully make the time to read the Bible wherever I am lately. Therefore, I take my Bible and my two devotional books with me to read on throughout the day. While I am waiting at a bus stop, I take each devotional book out one at a time and read each one. I also read my Bible with one of the devotional books. Throughout the day, I periodically look up scripture on-line to go along with some of my emailed devotionals that I get normally on a regular basis. Anytime that I can get or make time throughout the day is what I have to purposefully do for now.

Oh, as for prayer, I am actually finding more time throughout the day to pray. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I pray to my Father. When a girl behaves poorly to me on the bus, I pray for her. I also pray to my Father when I need something physically, emotionally, or spiritually. When a lady needs prayer at a bus stop, I purposefully stop and pray with her.

I am becoming more of an unLazy Christian, because I purposefully make the time and put forth the effort. In addition, I am confessing His word a lot more now. Perhaps, this temporary living situation has actually helped me to become more of an unLazy Christian in many respects. I am now much more diligent in my faith walk.

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