Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Are You Feeding?

What are you feeding this very moment?

Are you feeding your God-given spirit? Or…are you feeding your flesh?

In order to feed on something, we must take it into ourselves. We can either take in things physically or spiritually. Therefore, we are either feeding our body or our spirit.

Our bodies are normally thought of or considered as part of our flesh. Of course, it also depends on the way you treat your body…God’s temple. (John 2:21; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

When we feed our bodies or our flesh, we take in the things of this world. Those secular things are carnal. We may spend time feeding our "old nature" into temptation...or choosing to sin against God, ourselves, or other people.

What are some of those "old" ways? Watching television with suggestive or provocative themes, sex, violence, pornography, and/or crime. Listening to secular music with a lot of profanity or suggestive words. Looking at graphic photos including sex or violence on the internet. Reading magazines or books with sex, violence, profanity, or other suggestive material.

Of course, these "old" ways lead to other ways of the "old nature" or the flesh.

"Flesh gives birth to flesh..." (John 3:6a, NIV)

When we feed our spirit, we take in the things of God. Those things are spiritual. With God's word, we are able to feed our "new nature" and our spirit.

Other ways to feed our spirit include attending church services; going to prayer meetings; reading faith-based or Christian books or magazines; listening to positive and/or uplifting faith-based or Christian music; and looking at only wholesome photos on the internet.

Likewise, following the ways of the spirit creates more of the "new nature" ways.

"...but the Spirit gives birth to spirit." (John 3:6b, NIV)

We are always either feeding one or the other. When we are feeding the spirit, we are starving the flesh. When we are feeding the flesh, we are starving the spirit. Therefore, are you feeding your spirit? Or...are you feeding your flesh?

Allow God [through the Holy Spirit] to speak to you personally! Please also listen to Him!

What are you feeding now?

Copyright 2012 by Dawn Freeman. All rights reserved.

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