Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jesus Loves You!

You just viewed a video of Whitney Houston singing 'Jesus Loves Me'. After her death earlier this year, there was a television special about her and her life. I remember part of it where Whitney was stating that Jesus loved her. However, to me, that kind of statement seems ironic and contradictory given her history of drug abuse and the coroner's ruling as to the cause of her death.

If Whitney really understood...if she got a true revelation...of Jesus' love for her, she would have had a much different and better life while she was here in this world. Her premature death would not have happened either. Her death also would not have been caused by drugs or anything similar.

You may say...How do you know? Why would you say such things?

How do I know? I know from personal experience as well as from God’s word. I know that when people get a true revelation of Jesus' love for them they live for Him. His love for them causes them to live for Him! They die to themselves! (Matt 16:24, Col 3:3) He is everything to them! Their life becomes more holy, pure, and righteous.

It is not part of a religious checklist. It is a by-product of their relationship with Him. Jesus' love for them makes people desire to live for Him. It makes them want to be more holy, pure, and righteous. As a result, their lives become more holy, pure, and righteous. Jesus also takes away any desires that are not of Him. He takes away any earthly and worldly cravings. He fills any voids in people's hearts and lives.

Unfortunately…based on Whitney's behavior, life, and death...she did not comprehend the magnitude of Jesus' love for her. It is also really unfortunate and sad that she did not understand fully His love for her because her behavior, life, and death would have all been different. Whitney would have had a much better outcome in life and ultimately in death.

However, I hope that by her example it causes everyone to look at themselves and their lives. I hope that it causes everyone to seek Him. (Matt 6:33) I hope that it causes everyone to comprehend the magnitude of His love for them. (Rom 8:38-39)

Why do I say it? Once you really understand and get a true revelation of His Love, He will ultimately change you and your life for the better.

Do you really know deep down inside of you that 'Jesus Loves You'?

Copyright 2012 by Dawn Freeman. All rights reserved.

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