Saturday, June 5, 2021

Being Released From Quarantine

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Is it safe to come out now?

A lot of us have been in quarantine for over a year until the last couple of months when restrictions have been lifted off more in certain parts of the country. Unfortunately with those restrictions being lifted off in some states; there have been more incidences of destruction, violence, and deaths which are all works of the devil and his demons. (See John 10:10) Sad to say, but it's true, that some people should have never been allowed out of quarantine at all.

I personally have been enjoying my time inside more, especially over the last few months. There's a lot less stress and more peace. Plus, I have had more time with my Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit to learn and grow more spiritually and otherwise. I have learned to cook and bake more often using a couple of home delivery services which include the recipes for the meals. One of the services even sends all of the ingredients including the seasonings, spices, condiments. It's a great way to be more creative in the kitchen as well as eat more healthy at times.

Now, I am wondering... Is it really safe for people to resume some of their normal activities in this dark world? Some of the places have been in some everyday establishments, businesses, companies where people have experienced violence, destruction, and death.

Father God, help us! Help us to be salt and light whenever and wherever we go out in this world. Put a hedge of protection over and around us always. Help us to love as you love, forgive as you forgive, and heal as you heal... In Jesus' name. Amen!

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