Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Eternal Salvation

Actress Naya Rivera who portrayed a high school character in the television program, Glee, recently drowned in Lake Piru physically located in Southern California.  According to an investigation report, she and her very young son had been swimming in the lake earlier in the afternoon.  They swam back to the pontoon boat rental, when they were done for the day.  Naya helped her son get back onto the deck of the boat.  Then, she disappeared under the water.  Her adult-size life vest was later found on the boat.

The life vest had been available to her all day.  However, she chose to go without it.  Perhaps, she thought it was unnecessary and cumbersome.  Maybe, she was an excellent swimmer.  Therefore, she didn't think of the possibility of getting too physically tired to make it into the boat later.  After all, she had probably been relying on her own self and ability in the lake.  And, she had done just fine earlier.

God has made eternal salvation available to every person in this world.  Yet, numerous people choose to go without it every day of their lives.  Maybe, they too think it is unnecessary like Naya thought of the life vest.  Perhaps, they think they are doing fine in life on their own.  They do not realize they are going to get tired of doing everything for themselves in their own limited strength.  They will come to a point in life where they know they need an eternal Savior.

I am sure that was the case with Naya when she did not have the energy or strength to pull herself up into the boat after helping her young son get into the boat.  There are always days and times when we in our own limited strength do not have the energy and strength to pull ourselves up by the boot straps so to speak whether into a boat, out of a pit, out of a fiery furnace, or out of the wilderness (Read Genesis 37:18-24; Exodus 13:14, 16-18; Daniel 3; Matthew 4:1-11).  We all come to a point in our lives where we know we need Almighty, all-powerful God to eternally save us from the enemy of our souls. 

It is too bad that Naya did not know and understand that specific principle before reaching the point of no return.  Unfortunately, we do not know whether she reached out to Jesus before drowning in the lake.  She may have made that decision at the last minute like the thief on the cross who Jesus accepted into Paradise with Him.  That choice was between her and Him then. 

Will you make the same decision though?  Will you wait too long --- until the very last minute of your life?  Or, will you choose to put your faith and trust in Jesus now? 

(Read Isaiah 53; John 3:16-17; John 19; Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Romans 10:8-10)

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