Monday, February 28, 2022

Reading The Holy Bible

I encourage every member within the body of Christ to read The Holy Bible also known as The Word of God on a daily basis. Without regularly reading it, people revert back to their old or former selves. It becomes evident in the way people think, talk, and act in life.

God's word is meant to help people to actually live the Christian life; learn and grow in a personal relationship; walk by faith and not by sight; learn and grow in new identity; learn and know specific purpose; gain knowledge about the Kingdom; receive personal revelation; and so much more.

There are a variety of options in the goal to reading the Bible whether through personal devotionals, a Bible reading plan, Bible studies, and/or a combination of the different options. Every person needs to intentionally read God's word for your mind, your health, your life. Choose to learn and grow spiritually and otherwise. As a result, you will reap the benefits and be the best person that God has created, called, chosen you to be for His purpose and plan.

(See Joshua 1:8; Isaiah 53; Jeremiah 29:11-13; Psalm 103:1-5; Matthew 4:4; John 19; Acts 1:8, 17:24-28; Romans 12:1-2; 3 John 2)

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